50 shades of black

Just Do Shit THEME 03

  • Self-initiated
  • Just Do Shit THEME 03: 50 shades of black
Provided Services
  • illustration
  • Graphic Design
  • Art Direction
The brief

Every two weeks, Sam Pauwels and I give each other a theme to work with, just to do shit. Deadline means put it online and let it go. THEME 3: 50 SHADES OF BLACK Third Theme I got from Sam to work on is 50 shades of black.

I wanted to step away from creating 3D images for this week so I decided to work only with Illustrator for this theme. I wanted the image to be dark but still with lots of texture and contrast.

I always wanted to do something with a kaleidoscope kind of image so I started experimenting with that in Illustrator. I kept it all in black and white and made sure it all was dark but with enough depth.

I made 3 kaleidoscope images and placed them on top of each other resulting in this dark organic flower kind of image.

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