Just Do Shit THEME 02

  • Self-initiated
  • Just Do Shit THEME 02: Water
Provided Services
  • Cinema4D (3D)
  • Graphic Design
  • Typography
  • After Effects
The brief

Every two weeks, Sam Pauwels and I give each other a theme to work with, just to do shit. Deadline means put it online and let it go. THEME 2: WATER Second Theme I got from Sam to work on is Water.

I wanted to experiment a bit more with Type in C4D and decided that i wanted to do a very short animation of water and floating letters. This time giving the letters a bit more bevel to soften the edges.

For the water animation I used a plugin which is pretty straight forward in use and free to download “HOT4D”. texturing and lightning where all done in C4D too.

I did a bit of color adjustment in after effects added sea water sound and rendered the final video which you see in this post

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