Just Do Shit THEME 01

  • Self-initiated
  • Just Do Shit THEME 01: Architecture
Provided Services
  • Cinema4D (3D)
  • Graphic Design
  • Typography
  • Illustration
The brief

Every two weeks, Sam Pauwels and I give each other a theme to work with, just to do shit. Deadline means put it online and let it go. THEME 1: ARCHITECTURE First Theme I got from Sam to work on is Architecture.

I wanted to do something with type and giving it a feel of a real life building. So I first created in Illustrator a logo using the letter of the word Architecture. Tried to give it a feel as if all the letters where buildings standing in a row.

I imported the Illustrator file into C4D and created a studio setting so I could adjust the lighting of the logo easy. Transformed the illustrator logo into a 3D logo, applied different kind of textures and lighting to the object.

I made two different renders. One with a more polished feel with reflection on it and, and one with a more rough style of texture more like concrete/stone style. I also placed the camera low to the ground so it feels like your on street level looking up at the buildings.

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