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The brief

I was asked to create a logo for an association for active seniors.

Jongeren van Vroeger is an association for active seniors. Planning all kind of social gatherings for the young people from the past.

For this I was asked to make a logo/emblem that they could use for invitation, publicity, and also for the cover of the magazine that they send to all the members. I came up with the idea to make a badge, they could use on whatever kind of background for the cover. And they could even make little badges for real so when they go on a trip they all have a badge to wear. That was the idea, it mainly gets used as cover for the magazine these days, but that’s fine, they love the image and get a lot of nice responses. I illustrated the badge to make a difference beween day and night, young and old. Because the name they use is Jongeren (young people) van vroeger (from the past). Day for the early hours in life and night for the more mature hours of life.

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