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The brief

I was asked to create a logo for a yoga teacher and Ayurveda teacher and coach.

Forever Sunday focuses on Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle practices. Forever Sunday is here to help you learn about Ayurveda and how you can apply and implement this ancient knowledge into your modern life.

I was asked to create a logo for Irina, she did not want it to be just a yoga logo. It’s more than just yoga its a life style, a retreat, a workshop, a nutrition plan, it could even be a vacation. So after a conversation I knew she liked surfing and recently relocated to Portugal, living close to a beautiful beach. I set out to sketch a lot of logo’s by hand, inspired by different things. I always sketch pages full of different things that come up in my mind. After that I let it rest a day or two, doing something different. And when I come back to the sketches with a fresh view, I select the ones that appeal to me the most. I scan them and retrace them in Illustrator. When that is finished I show the black and white Illustrator logo types to the client, see how they feel and what direction they like the most. Once we know what direction to go in, it’s tweaking the logo in Illustrator, working out the typography, finding the right colour schemes. When everything is approved I provide the logo in different formats and also explain the colour schemes they should use, like for example the website and so on. 

Feel free to visit Forever Sunday online to see the logo and colour scheme in action

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