final version
first proposal

KPNG ACI: Christmas video animation mailing



A new Christmas animation for KPNG ACI. This year thy wanted to make the Christmas cart more realistic than the ones we created for the last few years. So the only thing thy wanted to keep was the gate in the background all the other vector animations had to go and be replaced by more realistic images. So first off I had to go and look for stock video’s of santa’s or something else to give the animation a Christmas feel. Than I started to create a particle snow animation. The picture of the gate in the back ground was a picture taken in summer, so I had to use Photoshop to give it a more snow winter look and make it feel a bit more cold. The Idea was to start the animation when it was night. The snow is falling down and as you walk between the Christmas trees you see the gate appear in the distant. The sun slowly comes out and lights the gates. In my first proposal I used christmas lights around the gate so at night you saw them lighting up between the trees, had to take that out by clients request. The animation would continue with animations of a santa dancing in the open gate. and one walking in front of the screen waving and blowing a kiss. The dancing santa had to be taken out to and the kiss had to go too. So the final version is just a santa waving and passing by. after the santa is passed the Christmas greetings are animated in and the animation ends.

Since I liked the first proposal with all the lights and dancing santa’s I will show it in this post together with the final version.

Animation: Yes Video editing: Yes Illustration: Yes Client: KPNG ACI