Happy Lazy: logo design

Happy Lazy


I got contacted by Happy Lazy to create a logo for the new rental service. Happy Lazy will be renting golf cards and photo boots for party’s. Thy provided me with a rough sketch of a golf cart with a camera attached to the back. and a short briefing telling me thy want the golf cart and camera featured in the new logo. Thy also provided me with pictures of the golf cart thy would be renting. So I started from the sketch thy send me and stylized the golf cart to a recognizable simple and clean icon. Attached a camera icon to the back so the core business is featured in the icon. Wanted to give the whole logo a look and feel of a sticker that thy could than apply on all the golf carts. for use in the website header where there is less space for the icon I created a logo using only the text but keeping the sticker feel to it.

Illustration: Yes Print: Yes Client: Happy Lazy